We are a R&D laboratory for

Real World Evidence,
Implementation Science,
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We are expert biomedical scientists, doctors, academics and engineers that are passionate about understanding diseases, injuries and improving the quality of healthcare systems. Our lab covers every aspect of the study lifecycle for Real World Evidence and Implementation Science, fostering truly collaborative and federated research with institutions across the globe.

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Our laboratory provides end-to-end services for Real World Evidence & Implementation Science from study development to result dissemination.  We also provide expert medical and scientific consulting in key medical fields.

Machine Learning

Development and validation of machine learning models, informed by deep understanding of medicine and life sciences. 

Data Science

Exploratory analysis, hypothesis testing, classical and modern statistical modeling, interpreted in the light of clinical practice.

Data Engineering

Development of data transformation pipelines of any complexity that capture the intricacies of healthcare data of any nature.

Study Implementation

Study deployment into venue. Validation and impact assessment of implementation science studies in the real world setting.

Study Management

Lean and agile study management supporting fully remote workflows, using single source of truth practices for effective communication.

Software Development

High performance software for mobile, web and desktop, meticulously tailored to meet demanding medical and scientific requirements.

Expert Consulting

Expert medical assessment and consulting on cardiovascular, mental health, preventive medicine, trauma, regulatory, insurance, and legal medicine.

Medical Writing

Rigorous scientific writing of medical content for communication in conferences, scientific manuscript publication, and high-level reporting.

How we work

We conduct our work according to the highest standard of transparency, privacy and rigor.

Zero Trust

No need to share data access. We develop and validate processing pipelines without ever seeing the actual data.

Any Residency

We work with data in the cloud, on-premises or both at once, without the need to move data anywhere.

Any Hardware, or
No Hardware

Our data processing pipelines run on any hardware. We provide temporary hassle-free hardware if you need computing power.

Federated Data

We process data on multiple sites, train statistical and machine learning models over data distributed anywhere.


We log all data processing,  foster code sharing for open science and study reproduction by peers.


We orchestrate partner institutions to collaborate in any part of study lifecycle securely.

Senior Management

We are passionate academics in biomedical science and medicine, with a proven professional track record in national and international institutions both in public and private sectors.

Teresa Magalhães MD PhD

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Teresa is a medical doctor and full professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP) with a PhD in social medicine and habilitation in medical sociology. She is a visiting professor in multiple national and international universities in medicine, law and psychology. She has got the certification on Healthcare Units Management by the Portuguese Medical Association. Prior to co-founding MTG she has served the board of directors of the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences of Portugal for more than a decade.
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Isabel Taveira-Gomes MD

Board Member

Isabel Taveira-Gomes holds a Master degree in Medicine from the FMUP and is a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry at ULS Matosinhos. Isabel has served as a Teaching Assistant for Medical Psychology for over a decade, and is currently conducting her PhD in measuring the impact of mindfulness programs in institutionalised adolescents. 
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Ricardo Dinis-Oliveira PharmD PhD 

Board Member

Ricardo is an expert biomedical scientist with a PhD in Toxicology, ranked among the world's top 2% scientists. He is a full professor at IUCS-CESPU, with habilitation in various universities. Serves as an editor and member of the editorial board of various high-impact scientific journals. Prior to joining MTG he founded the Portuguesa Association of Forensic Sciences, of which he is the current president.
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Tiago Taveira-Gomes MD ME MSc PhD

Executive Board Advisor

Tiago is a medical doctor, data scientist and software architect. He is also an invited professor in medicine, data science, medical informatics, software development and clinical research in various universities.  He completed a PhD in medical informatics, a master in information engineering, a specialization in family medicine, and a post-graduation in health management. Before co-founding MTG he served as director of business unit and principal architect at ALERT Life Sciences Computing.
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Eduardo Castro Marques MSc

Legal Board Advisor

Eduardo Castro Marques is a Founding Partner at Dower Law Firm, with a Law degree from the University of Porto and a Master's in Contract and Business Law from the University of Minho. He specializes in Administrative Legal Sciences and Corporate Law, with further education in Cybersecurity and EU Data Protection Compliance. Eduardo founded the Young Labor Lawyers Association (AJJ) and teaches Human Resources and Labor Relations as a lecturer at the Instituto Superior de Entre Douro and Vouga. He is also active in procedural practices education across multiple universities and a member of the Portuguese Bar Association's Institute of Law Firms.


We are a dedicated team of medical doctors, engineers, data scientists and academics on a mission to improve population health and sustainability of healthcare systems.

Ana Sá Sousa MSc PhD

Project Management Director
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Daniela Antunes MSc PhD

Strategy & Research Director
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Mariana Canelas-Pais MD MSc

Data Science Director
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Daniel Martinho-Dias MD 

Senior Data Scientist
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Nuno Lourenço Silva MD

Senior Data Scientist
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Rita Lopes MD

Senior Medical Consultant
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Ana Rita Luz MD

Senior Medical Consultant
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Renata Silva MSc 

Data Scientist
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Ana Corte-Real MD

Medical Writing
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Leonor Luz-Duarte MD

Medical Writing
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Daniela Brandão Abreu MD

Medical Writing

Raquel Moreira BSc

Executive Assistant


We work closely with clinical experts to ensure our science is well aligned the current challenges in medicine and healthcare institutions.

Cristina Gavina

MD PhD, Cardiology

Professor Gavina is the director of cardiology at Unidade Local de Saúde de Matosinhos and an invited professor at the medicine department of the Faculty of Medicine University of Porto.
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Francisco Araújo

MD, Internal Medicine

Dr. Araújo is the director of internal medicine department at Lusíadas Lisbon Hospital, and president elect of the Portuguese Society of Atherosclerosis.

Carla Santos-Araújo

MD PhD, Nephrology

Professor Santos-Araújo is the director of nephrology at Hospital Pedro Hispano and an invited professor at the physiology Department of the Faculty of Medicine University of Porto.

Mariana Brandão

MD PhD, Oncology

Professor Brandão is a medical oncologist at Institut Jules Bordet and member of the NSCLC metastatic group of the European Society for Medical Oncology Faculty.
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Dulce Pinto

RN MSc MBA, Executive Management

Dr. Pinto is a nursing manager at Unidade Local de Saúde do Alto Minho, and has served as executive director and advisor of multiple healthcare institutions in Portugal.

Cristina Jácome

MSc PhD, Physiotherapy

Professor Jácome is an Assistant Researcher at Faculty of Medicine of University of Porto specialized in implementation of health interventions and technologies in respiratory care.
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We are recognized at national and international level to conduct R&D activities in Real World Evidence and Implementation Science.

Accredited CRO

Recognition by Portuguese Innovation Agency to conduct R&D under SIFIDE incentive program.

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Certified SME

Certification for standardization of healthcare data according to the OMOP Common Data Model.

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We conduct our work in close collaboration with healthcare institutions, academia, industry, medical societies and institutes across the globe.

Eureka Network

Leading SME on privacy preserving cross healthcare organization data analysis.

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SME partner on joint action towards European Health Data Space WP4 and WP7.

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Operational study partner of the Portuguese Society of Atherosclerosis for LATINO study.

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Amazon Web Services

Partner for Hybrid Cloud
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Sigil Scientific Enterprises

SIGIL is our supplier of technology for RWE and IS implementation

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Recent work

Twenty years of real-world data to estimate chronic kidney disease prevalence and staging in an unselected population

Health Outcomes in Women Victims of Intimate Partner Violence: A 20-Year Real-World Study

Cardiovascular Risk Profile and Lipid Management in the Population-Based Cohort Study LATINO: 20 Years of Real-World Data

Safety Climate Evaluation in Primary Health Care: A Cross-Sectional Study

Prevalence, outcomes, and cost of chronic kidney disease in a contemporary population of 2·4 million patients from 11 countries: The CaReMe CKD study

Digital Health and Big Data Analytics: Implications of Real-World Evidence for Clinicians and Policymakers

Prosecutorial decision-making regarding offenders' social reintegration programs in intimate partner violence cases. A Portuguese study

20 Years of Real-World Data to Estimate the Prevalence of Heart Failure and Its Subtypes in an Unselected Population of Integrated Care Units

Premature Mortality in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Associated with Heart Failure and Chronic Kidney Disease: 20 Years of Real-World Data

Trauma outcomes in nonfatal road traffic accidents: a Portuguese medico-legal approach

Cost of healthcare utilization associated with incident cardiovascular and renal disease in individuals with type 2 diabetes: A multinational, observational study across 12 countries

Intimate partner violence against women. Does violence decrease after the entry of the alleged offender into the criminal justice system?

Suspension of Criminal Proceedings for Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence Against Women: Impact on Re-Entries

Cardiorenal syndrome and death risk in patients with heart failure or chronic kidney disease: an unmet cardiorenal need

Prevalence and characterization of heart failure in a population of integrated care users

HF and CKD present a dire prognosis in young Type 2 Diabetic patients

Cardiovascular risk profile in Portugal: evidence from a large population-based cohort

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Real World Evidence, Implementation Science and Scientific Consulting.

Real World Evidence, Implementation Science, Scientific Consulting